Definition for FIN'GER

FIN'GER, n. [fing'ger; Sax. finger, from fengan, to take or seize; G., Sw. and Dan. finger; D. vinger. But n is not radical, for the Goth. is figgrs.]

  1. One of the extreme parts of the hand, a small member shooting to a point. The fingers have joints which peculiarly fit them to be instruments of catching, seizing and holding. When we speak of the fingers generally, we include the thumb; as, the five fingers. But we often make a distinction. The fingers and thumb consist of fifteen bones; three to each. The word is applied to some other animals as well as to man.
  2. A certain measure. We say a finger's breadth, or the breadth of the four fingers, or of the three fingers.
  3. The hand. Waller. Who teacheth my fingers to fight. Ps. cxliv.
  4. The finger or fingers of God in Scripture, signer his power, strength or operation. The magicians sold to Pharaoh, this is the finger of God. Exod. viii.
  5. In music, ability; skill in playing on a keyed instrument. She has a good finger. Busby.

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