Definition for FOL'LOW

FOL'LOW, v.t. [Sax. folgian, filian, fylgan. D. volgen; G. folgen; Dan. fölger; Sw. följa; Ir. foilcanam. The sense is, to urge forward, drive, press. Class Bl, No. 14, 46.]

  1. To go after or behind; to walk, ride or move behind, but in the same direction. Soldiers will usually follow a brave officer.
  2. To pursue; to chase; as an enemy, or as game.
  3. To accompany; to attend in a journey. And Rebekah arose, and her damsels, and they rode on the camels, and followed the man. Gen. xxiv.
  4. To accompany; to be of the same company; to attend, for any purpose. Luke v.
  5. To succeed in order of time; to come after; as, a storm is followed by a calm. Signs following signs lead on the mighty year. Pope.
  6. To be consequential; to result from, as effect from a cause. Intemperance is often followed by disease or poverty, or by both.
  7. To result from, as an inference or deduction. It follows from these facts that the accused is guilty.
  8. To pursue with the eye; to keep the eyes fixed on a moving body. He followed or his eyes followed the ship, till it was beyond sight. He followed with his eyes the fleeting shade. Dryden.
  9. To imitate; to copy; as, to follow a pattern or model; to follow fashion.
  10. To embrace; to adopt and maintain; to have or entertain like opinions; to think or believe like another; as, to follow the opinions and tenets of a philosophic sect; to follow Plato.
  11. To obey; to observe; to practice; to act in conformity to. It is our duty to follow the commands of Christ. Good soldiers follow the orders of their general; good servants follow the directions of their master.
  12. To pursue as an object of desire; to endeavor to obtain. Follow peace with all men. Heb. xii.
  13. To use; to practice: to make the ehief business; as, to follow the trade of a carpenter; to follow the profession of law.
  14. To adhere to; to side with. The house of Judah followed David. 2 Sam. ii.
  15. To adhere to; to honor; to worship; to serve. If the Lord be God, follow him. 1 Kings xviii.
  16. To be led or guided by. Woe to the foolish prophets, who follow their own spirit, and here seen nothing. Ezek. xiii.
  17. To move on in the same course or direction; to be guided by; as, to follow a track or course.

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