Definition for FOOT

FOOT, n. [plur. Feet. Sax. fot, fet; D. voet; G. fuss; Sw. fot; Dan. fod; Gr. πους, ποδος; L. pes, pedis; Sanscrit, pad; Siam. bat; Fr. pied, pie; Sp. pie; Port. pe; It. piede, piè; Copt. bat, fat. Probably this word is allied to the Gr. πατεω, to walk, to tread; as the W. troed, foot, is to the Eng. verb, to tread.]

  1. In animal bodies, the lower extremity of the leg; the part of the leg which treads the earth in standing or walking, and by which the animal is sustained and enabled to step.
  2. That which bears some resemblance to an animal's foot in shape or office; the lower end of any thing that supports a body; as, the foot of a table.
  3. The lower part; the base; as, the foot of a column or of a mountain.
  4. The lower part; the bottom; as, the foot of an account; the foot of a sail.
  5. Foundation; condition; state. We are not on the same foot with our fellow citizens. In this sense, it is more common, in America, to use footing; and in this sense the plural is not used.
  6. Plan of establishment; fundamental principles. Our constitution may hereafter be placed on a better foot. [In this sense the plural is not used.]
  7. In military language, soldiers who march and fight on foot; infantry, as distinguished from cavalry. [In this sense the plural is not used.]
  8. A measure consisting of twelve inches; supposed to be taken from the length of a man's foot. Geometricians divide the foot into 10 digits, and the digit into 10 lines. Encyc.
  9. In poetry, a certain number of syllables, constituting part of a verse; as, the iambus, the dactyl, and the spondee.
  10. Step; pace. L'Estrange.
  11. Level; par. [Obs.] Bacon.
  12. The part of a stocking or boot which receives the foot. By foot, or rather, on foot, by walking; as, to go or pass on foot; or by fording; as, to pass a stream on foot. See the next definition. To set on foot, to originate; to begin; to put in motion; as, to set on foot a subscription. Hence, to be on foot, is to be in motion, action or process of execution.

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