Definition for FORK

FORK, n. [Sax. forc; D. vork; W. forc; Fr. fourche; Arm. fork; Sp. horca; Port. and It. forca; L. furca.]

  1. An instrument consisting of a handle, and a blade of metal, divided into two or more points or prongs, used for lifting or pitching any thing; as, a tablefork for feeding; a pitchfork; a dungfork, &c. Forks are also made of ivory, wood, or other material.
  2. A point; as, a thunderbolt with three forks. Shakespeare uses it for the point of an arrow.
  3. Forks, in the plural, the point where a road parts into two; and the point where a river divides, or rather where two rivers meet and unite in one stream. Each branch is called a fork.

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