Definition for NEAR

NEAR, a. [Sax. ner or neara, nigher. This seems to be a contracted word, from nigher, the comparative of neh, nih or nieh, D. naauw, G. nahe, Sw. nar, Dan. nær, W. nig, strait, narrow; nigiaw, to narrow.]

  1. Nigh; not far distant in place, time or degree. Regularly, near should be followed by to, but this is often omitted. We say, a house stands near a river; a friend sits near me; the man fell and was near destruction. And Jacob went near to Isaac his father. Gen. xxvii. Now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. Rom. xiii.
  2. Closely related by blood. She is thy father's near kinswoman. Lev. xviii.
  3. Not distant in affection, support or assistance; present; ready; willing to aid. Call upon the Lord while he is near. Is. lv.
  4. Intimate; united in close ties of affection or confidence; as, a near friend.
  5. Dear; affecting one's interest or feelings; as, a near concern. My nearest life. Shak.
  6. Close; parsimonious.
  7. Close; not loose, free, or rambling; as, a version near the original.
  8. Next to one; opposed to off; as, the near horse or ox in a team.

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