Definition for NEAT

NEAT, a. [It. netto; Sp. neto; Fr. net; Arm. neat or neet; L. nitidus, niteo, to shine, to be clean, fair or fine; W. nîth, pure; nithiaw, to purify, to winnow.]

  1. Very clean; free from foul or extraneous matter; as, neat clothes. The vessels are kept neat; the woman keeps her house very neat.
  2. Pure; free from impure words and phrases; as, a neat style.
  3. Cleanly; preserving neatness; as, a neat woman.
  4. Pure; unadulterated; as neat wine. [Obs.] Chapman.
  5. Free from tawdry appendages and well adjusted; as, a neat dress.
  6. Clear of the cask, case, bag, box, &c.; as, neat weight. It is usually written net or nett.

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