Definition for NE-GA'TION

NE-GA'TION, n. [L. negatio, from nego, to deny, Sw. neka, Dan. nægter, W. naca, nacâu, nagu, Fr. nier, from L. nego. The sense is to thrust, to stop or repel; for in Italian, negare is to deny, and annegare is to deny, and to drown, to stifle in water; Sp. negar, to deny; annegar, to drown or inundate, Fr. noyer.]

  1. Denial; a declaration that something is not; opposed to affirmation; as, the soul is not matter.
  2. In logic, description by denial, exclusion or exception. Negation is the absence of that which does not belong to a the thing we are speaking of. Watts.
  3. Argument drawn from denial. It may be proved by way of negation, that they came not is from Europe, as having no remainder of the arts, learning and civilities of it. Heylin.

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