Definition for NEIGH'BOR, or NEH'BOOR

NEIGH'BOR, or NEH'BOOR, n. [na'bur; Sax. nehbur, nehgebur, a nigh boor, a boor or countryman living nigh, (see Nigh;) G. nachbar; D. nabuur; Sw. nabo; Dan. naboe. See Boor. The true orthography, as this word is now pronounced, is nehboor; Sax. neh, nigh, and boor.]

  1. One who lives near another. In large towns, a neighbor is one who lives within a few doors. In the country, a neighbor may live at a greater distance; and in new settlements, where the people are thinly scattered over the country, a neighbor may be distant several miles. Such is the use of the word in the United States.
  2. One who lives in familiarity with another; a word of civility. Shak.
  3. An intimate; a confidant. [Not used.] Shak.
  4. A fellow being. Acts vii.
  5. One of the human race; any one that needs our help, or to whom we have an opportunity of doing good. Luke x.
  6. A country that is near.

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