Definition for NE-PHRIT'IC, or NE-PHRIT'IC-AL

NE-PHRIT'IC, or NE-PHRIT'IC-AL, a. [Gr. νεφριτικος, from νεφρος, the kidneys.]

  1. Pertaining to the kidneys or organs of urine; as, nephritic disease.
  2. Affected with a disease of the kidneys; as, a nephritic patient.
  3. Relieving disorders of the kidneys in general; as, a nephritic medicine. Nephritic stone, a stone of the silicious kind, called jade. Nephritic wood, a species of compact wood of a fine grain brought from New Spain, which gives a blue color to spirit of wine and to water; which color is changed to yellow by acids, and again to blue by alkalies. Supposed to be the Hyperanthera Moringa. Nicholson. Encyc.

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