Definition for NEXT

NEXT, a. [superl. of nigh. Sax. next or nexsta, from neh, neah, nigh; G. nächst; D. naast; Sw. nåst; Dan. næs.]

  1. Nearest in place; that has no object intervening between it and some other; immediately preceding, or preceding in order. We say, the next person before or after another. Her princely guest / Was next her side, in order sat the rest. Dryden.
  2. Nearest in time; as, the neat day or hour; the nest day before or after Easter.
  3. Nearest in degree, quality, rank, right or relation; as, one man is next to another in excellence; one is next in kindred; one is next in rank or dignity. Assign the property to him who has the next claim.

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