Definition for NIG'GARD

NIG'GARD, n. [W. nig, straight, narrow, or G. knicker, a niggard, and a nod or nodding; knickern, to haggle, to be sordidly parsimonious; Dan. gnier, for gniker or gniger, a niggard. This word seems to belong to the family of D. knikken, G. nicken, Dan. nikker, to nod, and this to Dan. knikker, to crack; exhibiting analogies similar to those of wretch, wreck and haggle. Ard is a termination, as in dotard.]

A miser; a person meanly close and covetous; a sordid wretch who saves every cent, or spends grudgingly. Serve him as a grudging master, As a penurious niggard of his wealth. Milton. Be niggards of advice on no pretense. Pope.

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