Definition for NIP

NIP, v.t. [D. knippen, to nip, to clip, to pinch; Sw. knipa; G. kneif, a knife, a nipping tool; kneifen, to nip to cut off, to pinch; kniff; a pinch, a nipping; knipp, a fillip, a snap; W. cneiviaw, to clip. These words coincide with knife, Sax. cnif, Fr. ganif or canif.]

  1. To cut, bite, or pinch off the end or nib, or to pinch off with the ends of the fingers. The word is used in both senses; the former is probably the true sense. Hence,
  2. To cutoff the end of any thing; to clip, as with a knife or scissors; as, to nip off a shoot or twig.
  3. To blast; to kill or destroy the end of any thing; hence, to kill; as, the frost has nipped the corn; the leaves are nipped; the plant was nipped in the bud. Hence, to nip in the bud, is to kill or destroy in infancy or youth, or in the first stage of growth.
  4. To pinch, bite or affect the extremities of any thing; as, a nipping frost; hence, to pinch or bite in general; to check growth.
  5. To check circulation. When blood is nipt. [Unusual.] Shak.
  6. To bite; to vex. And sharp remorse his heart did prick and nip. Spenser.
  7. To satirize keenly; to taunt sarcastically. Hubberd.

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