Definition for NOD

NOD, v.i. [L. nuto; Gr. νευω, contracted; W. amnaid, a nod; amneidiaw, to nod, to beckon, from naid, a leap, a spring; neidiaw, to leap, to throb or beat, as the pulso; Ar. نَادَ nada, to nod, to shake; Heb. Ch. and Syr. נוד, to move, to shake, to wander. It coincides in elements with L. nato, to swim. Class Nd, No. 3, 9, 10.]

  1. To incline the head with a quick motion, either forward or sidewise, as persons nod in sleep.
  2. To bend or incline with a quick motion; as, nodding plumes. The nodding verdure of its brow. Thomson.
  3. To be drowsy. Your predecessors, contrary to other authors, never pleased their readers more than when they were nodding. Addison.
  4. To make a slight bow; also, to beckon with a nod.

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