Definition for NO'TICE

NO'TICE, n. [Fr. from L. notitia, from noto or notus.]

  1. Observation by the eye or by the other senses. We take notice of objects passing or standing before us; we take notice of the words of a speaker; we take notice of a peculiar taste of food, or of the smell of an orange, and of our peculiar sensations. Notice then is the act by which we have knowledge of something within the reach of the senses, or the effect of an impression on some of the senses.
  2. Observation by the mind or intellectual power; as, to take notice of a distinction between truth and veracity.
  3. Information; intelligence by whatever means communicated; knowledge given or received; as, I received notice by a messenger or by letter. He gave notice of his arrival. The bell gives notice of the hour of the day. The merchant gives notice that a bill of exchange is not accepted.
  4. A paper that communicates information.
  5. Attention; respectful treatment; civility.
  6. Remark; observation.

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