Definition for NOUR'ISH

NOUR'ISH, v.t. [nur'ish; Fr. nourrir; It. nutrire; Sp. and Port. nutrir; from L. nutrio. The G. nähren, Sw. nära, Dan. nærer, to nourish, can not be the same word unless they have lost a dental, which may perhaps be the fact.]

  1. To feed and cause to grow; to supply a living or organized body, animal or vegetable, with matter which increases its bulk or supplies the waste occasioned by any of its functions; to supply with nutriment.
  2. To support; to maintain by feeding. Gen. xlvii. Whilst I in Ireland nourish a mighty band, / I will stir up in England some black storm. Shak.
  3. To supply the means of support and increase; to encourage; as, to nourish rebellion; to nourish the virtues. What madness was it, with such proofs, to nourish their contentions! Hooker.
  4. To cherish; to comfort. James v.
  5. To educate; to instruct; to promote growth in attainments. 1 Tim. iv.

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