Definition for NURSE

NURSE, n. [nurs; Fr. nourrice, from nourrir, to nourish.]

  1. A woman that has the care of infants, or a woman employed to tend the children of others.
  2. A woman who suckles infants.
  3. A woman that has the care of a sick person.
  4. A man who has the care of the sick.
  5. A person that breeds, educates or protects; hence, that which breeds, brings up or causes to grow; as, Greece, the nurse of the liberal arts.
  6. An old woman; in contempt. Blackmore.
  7. The state of being nursed; as, to put a child to nurse. Cleaveland.
  8. In composition, that which supplies food; as, a nurse-pond. Walton.

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