Definition for OB-JECT'

OB-JECT', v.t. [L. objicio; ob and jacio, to throw against.]

  1. To oppose; to, present in opposition. Pallas to their eyes / The mist objected, and condens'd the skies. Pope.
  2. To present or offer in opposition, as a charge criminal, or as a reason adverse to something supposed to be erroneous or wrong; with to or against. The book – giveth liberty to object any crime against such as are to be ordered. Whitgifte. The adversaries of religion object against professors the irregularity of their lives, and too often with justice. Anon. There was this single fault that Erasmus, though an enemy, could abject to him. Atterbury.
  3. To offer; to exhibit. [Little used.] Warburton.

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