Definition for OB-SERV'ANCE

OB-SERV'ANCE, n. [s as z; Fr. See Observe.]

  1. The act of observing; the act of keeping or adhering to in practice; performance; as, the observance of rules, rites, ceremonies or laws. Love rigid honesty, / And strict observance of impartial laws. Roscommon.
  2. Respect; ceremonial reverence in practice. To do observance on the morn of May. Shak.
  3. Performance of rites, religious ceremonies or external service. Some represent to themselves the whole of religion as consisting in a few easy observances. Rogers.
  4. Rule of practice; things to be observed. Shak.
  5. Observation; attention to. [Little used.] Hale.
  6. Obedient regard or attention. Having had experience of his fidelity and observance abroad. [Not used.] Wotton.

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