Definition for OB-SERV'ER

OB-SERV'ER, n. [s as z.]

  1. One who observes; one that takes notice; particularly, one who looks to with care, attention or vigilance. Careful observers may foretell the hour, / By sure prognostic, when to dread a shower. Swift. Creditors are great observers of set days and times. Franklin.
  2. A beholder; a looker on; a spectator. South.
  3. One who keeps any law, custom, regulation or rite; one who adheres to any thing in practice; one who performs; as, a great observer of forms; an observer of old customs. Bacon.
  4. One who fulfills or performs; as, he is a strict observer of his word or promise. Prior.
  5. One who keeps religiously; as, an observer of the sabbath. Atterbury.

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