Definition for OF-FENS'IVE

OF-FENS'IVE, a. [Fr. offensif; It. offensivo; Sp. ofensivo.]

  1. Causing displeasure or some degree of anger; displeasing. All sin is offensive to God. Rude behavior is offensive to men. Good breeding forbids us to use offensive words.
  2. Disgusting; giving pain or unpleasant sensations; disagreeable; as, an offensive taste or smell; an offensive sight. Discordant sounds are offensive to the ear.
  3. Injurious. It is an excellent opener for the liver, but offensive to the stomach. Bacon.
  4. Assailant; used in attack; opposed to defensive; as, an offensive weapon or engine. Wilkins.
  5. Assailant; invading; making the first attack; opposed to defensive; as, an offensive war. A league offensive and defensive, is one that requires both or all parties to make war together against a nation, and each party to defend the other in case of being attacked.

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