Definition for OL'IB-AN, or O-LIB'A-NUM

OL'IB-AN, or O-LIB'A-NUM, n. [Ar. لَبَانٌ lubanon; with the adjective al, the, corrupted into ol. The word signifies then frankincense, and it is so named from its whiteness.]

An inspissated sap obtained from Boswellia serrate. It is in semi-transparent globules of a pink color, brittle, and adhesive when warm, its taste is bitterish, somewhat pungent, and aromatic. It burns for a long time, with an agreeable odor, and a steady clear light. It is not easily extinguished. It is brought from Central India. In Arabia, luban it applied to benzoin, which is generally used for incense, and oliban is called condur, whence Gr. χονδρος. In medicine, it is used in fumigations as a resolvent. Fourcroy. Encyc.

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