Definition for ORB

ORB, n. [L. orbis; Fr. It. and Sp. orbe.]

  1. A spherical body; as, the celestial orbs.
  2. In astronomy, a hollow globe or sphere. Encyc.
  3. A wheel; a circular body that revolves or rolls; as, the orbs of a chariot. Milton.
  4. A circle; a sphere defined by a line; as, he moves in a larger orb. Holiday. Shak.
  5. A circle described by any mundane sphere; an orbit. Dryden.
  6. Period; revolution of time. Shak.
  7. The eye. Milton.
  8. In tactics, the circular form of a body of troops, or a circular body of troops. Encyc. The ancient astronomers conceived the heavens as consisting of several vast azure transparent orbs or spheres inclosing one another, and including the bodies of the planets. Hutton.

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