Definition for EA'GER

EA'GER, a. [Fr. aigre; Arm. egr; W. egyr; It. agro; Sp. agrio; L. acer, fierce, brisk, sharp, sour. If r is radical, this word belongs to Class Gr. Ir. gear, geire, sharp; Ger. gier. Otherwise, it coincides with L. acus, Eng. edge, Sax. ecg.]

  1. Excited by ardent desire in the pursuit of any object; ardent to pursue, perform or obtain; inflamed by desire; ardently wishing or longing. The soldiers were eager to engage the enemy. Men are eager in the pursuit of wealth. The lover is eager to possess the object of his affections.
  2. Ardent; vehement; impetuous; as, eager spirits; eager zeal; eager clamors.
  3. Sharp; sour; acid; as, eager droppings into milk, [Little used.] Shak.
  4. Sharp; keen; biting; severe; as, eager air; eager cold. [Little used.] Shak. Bacon.
  5. Brittle; inflexible; not ductile; as, the gold is too eager. [Local.] Locke.

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