Definition for EN-DEAV'OR

EN-DEAV'OR, n. [endev'or; Norm. devoyer, endeavor; endevera, he ought; endeyvent, they ought. It seems to be from Fr. (endevoir) devoir, to owe or be indebted, and hence it primarily signifies duty, from the sense of binding, pressure, urgency. Hence our popular phrase, I will do my endeavor. In Ir. dibhirce is endeavor.]

An effort; an essay; an attempt; an exertion of physical strength, or the intellectual powers, toward the attainment of an object. The bold and sufficient pursue their game with more passion, endeavor and application, and therefore often succeed. Temple. Imitation is the endeavor of a later poet to write like one who has written before him on the same subject. Dryden. Labor is a continued endeavor, or a succession of endeavors. Anon.

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