Definition for EN-LARGE'

EN-LARGE', v.t. [enlàrj; from large.]

  1. To make greater in quantity or dimensions; to extend in limits, breadth or size; to expand in bulk. Every man desires to enlarge his possessions; the prince, his dominions; and the landholder, his farm. The body is enlarged by nutrition, and a good man rejoices to enlarge the sphere of his benevolence. God shall enlarge Japhet. Gen. ix.
  2. To dilate; to expand; as with joy or love. O, ye Corinthians, our mouth is open to you, our heart is enlarged. St. Paul.
  3. To expand; to make more comprehensive. Science enlarges the mind.
  4. To increase in appearance; to magnify to the eye; as by a glass.
  5. To set at liberty; to release from confinement or pressure. Shak.
  6. To extend in a discourse; to diffuse in eloquence. They enlarged themselves on this subject. Clarendon. In this application, the word is generally intransitive.
  7. To augment; to increase; to make large or larger, in a general sense; a word of general application. To enlarge the heart, may signify to open and expand in good will; to make free, liberal and charitable.

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