Definition for EN-LARGE'MENT


  1. Increase of size or bulk, real or apparent; extension of dimensions or limits; augmentation; dilatation; expansion. The enlargement of bulk may be by accretion or addition; of dimensions, by spreading, or by additions to length and breadth; of a sum or amount, by addition, collection or accumulation.
  2. Expansion or extension, applied to the mind, to knowledge, or to the intellectual powers, by which the mind comprehends a wider range of ideas or thought.
  3. Expansion of the heart, by which it becomes more benevolent and charitable.
  4. Release from confinement, servitude, distress or strait. Esther iv. Shak.
  5. Diffusiveness of speech or writing; an expatiating on a particular subject; a wide range of discourse or argument. Clarendon.

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