Definition for E-NOUGH'

E-NOUGH', a. [enuf'; Sax. genog, genoh; Goth. ganah; G. genug, gnug; D. genoeg; Sw. nog; Dan. nok; Sax. genogan; to multiply; G. genügen, to satisfy; D. genoegen, to satisfy, please, content. The Swedes and Danes drop the prefix, as the Danes do in nogger, to gnaw. This word may be the Heb. Ch. Syr. Sam. and Eth. נוח, to rest to be quiet, or satisfied. Class Ng, No. 14.]

That satisfies desire, or gives content; that may answer the purpose; that is adequate to the wants. She said, we have straw and provender enough. Gen. xxiv. How many hired servants of my father have bread enough to spare. Luke xv. Note. This word, in vulgar language, is sometimes placed before its noun, like most other adjectives. But in elegant discourse or composition, it always follows the noun, to which it refers; as, bread enough; money enough.

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