Definition for EN'SIGN

EN'SIGN, n. [ensine; Fr. enseigne; L. insigne, insignia, from signum, a mark impressed, a sign.]

  1. The flag or banner of a military band; a banner of colors; a standard; a figured cloth or piece of silk, attached to a staff, and usually with figures, colors or arms thereon, borne by an officer at the head of a company, troop, or other band.
  2. Any signal to assemble or to give notice. He will lift up an ensign to the nations. Is. v. Ye shall be left as an ensign on a hill. Is. xxx.
  3. A badge; a mark of distinction, rank or office; as, ensigns of power or virtue. Waller. Dryden.
  4. The officer who carries the flag or colors, being the lowest commissioned officer in a company of infantry.
  5. Naval ensign, is a large banner hoisted on a staff and carried over the poop or stern of a ship; used to distinguish ships of different nations, or to characterize different squadrons of the same navy. Mar. Dict.

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