Definition for EP'IC

EP'IC, a. [L. epicus, Gr. επικος, from επος, a song, or επω, ειπω, to speak.]

Narrative; containing narration; rehearsing. An epic poem, otherwise called heroic is a poem which narrates a story, real or fictitious, or both, representing, in an elevated style, some signal action or series of actions and events, usually the achievements of some distinguished hero, and intended to form the morals and affect the mind with the love of virtue. The matter of the poem includes the action of the fable, the incidents, episodes, characters, morals and machinery. The form includes the manner of narration, the discourses introduced, descriptions, sentiments, style, versification, figures and other ornaments. The end is to improve the morals, and inspire a love of virtue, bravery and illustrious actions. Encyc.

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