Definition for E-QUES'TRI-AN

E-QUES'TRI-AN, a. [L. equester, equestris, from eques, a horseman, from equus, a horse.]

  1. Pertaining to horses or horsemanship; performed with horses; as, equestrian feats.
  2. Being on horseback; as, an equestrian lady. Spectator.
  3. Skilled in horsemanship.
  4. Representing a person on horseback; as, an equestrian statue.
  5. Celebrated by horse-races; as, equestrian games, sports, or amusements.
  6. Belonging to knights. Among the Romans, the equestrian order, was the order of knights, equites; also their troopers or horsemen in the field. In civil life, the knights stood contra-distinguished from the senators; in the field, from the infantry. Encyc.

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