Definition for EX'PE-DITE

EX'PE-DITE, v.t. [L. expedio; Sp. expedir; Fr. expedier; It. spedire; Ar. أفِدَ, afada, to hasten, or وَفَدَ wafada, to send, to move hastily, to be suitable; Eng. speed. Expedio is compound. We see the same root in impedio, to hinder, to send against, to move in opposition.]

  1. To hasten; to quicken; to accelerate motion or progress. The general sent orders to expedite the march of the army. Artificial heat may expedite the growth of plants.
  2. To dispatch; to send from. Such charters are expedited of course. Bacon.
  3. To hasten by rendering easy. See No. 1.

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