Definition for EX-TIN'GUISH

EX-TIN'GUISH, v.t. [L. extinguo; ex and stingo, stinguo, or the latter may be a contraction; Gr. στιζω, for στιγω, to prick, that is, to thrust; more; or mo directly from tingo, to dip, to stain; both probably allied to tango, for tago, to touch. Fr. eteindre; It. estinguere; Sp. extinguir. See Class Dg, No. 19, 31, 40.]

  1. To put out; to quench; to suffocate; to destroy; as, to extinguish fire or flame.
  2. To destroy; to put an end to; as, to extinguish love or hatred in the breast; to extinguish desire or hope; to extinguish a claim or title.
  3. To cloud or obscure by superior splendor. Shak.
  4. To put an end to, by union or consolidation. [See Extinguishment.]

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