Definition for EX-TIN'GUISH-MENT


  1. The act of putting out or quenching; extinction; suppression; destruction; as, the extinguishment of fire or flame; of discord, enmity or jealousy; or of love or affection.
  2. Abolition; nullification. Divine laws of Christian church polity may not be alterred by extinguishment. Hooker.
  3. Extinction; a putting an end to, or a coming to an end; termination; as, the extinguishment of a race or tribe.
  4. The putting an end to a right or estate, by consolidation or union. If my tenant for life makes a lease to A. for life, remainder to B. and his heirs, and I release to A.; this release operates as an extinguishment of my right to the reversion. Blackstone.

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