Definition for SCOPE

SCOPE, n. [L. scopus; Gr. σκοπος, from σκοπεω, to see or view; Heb. שקף, to see, to behold; Ch. to drive or strike. Class Gb, No. 85. The primary sense is to stretch or extend, to reach; properly, the whole extent, space or reach, hence the whale space viewed, and hence the limit or ultimate end.]

  1. Space; room; amplitude of intellectual view; as, a free scope for inquiry; full scope for the fancy or imagination; ample scope for genius.
  2. The limit of intellectual view; the end or thing to which the mind directs its view; that which is purposed to be reached or accomplished; hence, ultimate design, aim or purpose; intention; drift. It expresses both the purpose and thing purposed. Your scope is as mine own, / So to enforce and qualify the laws, / As to your soul seems good. – Shak. The scope of all their pleading against man's authority, is to overthrow such laws and constitutions of the church. – Hooker.
  3. Liberty; freedom from restraint; room to move in. – Hooker.
  4. Liberty beyond just limits; license. Give him line and scope. – Shak.
  5. Act of riot; sally; excess. [Obs.] – Shak.
  6. Extended quantity; as, a scope of land. [Obs.] – Davies.
  7. Length; extent; sweep; as, scope of cable. – Mar. Language.

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