Definition for SCOURGE

SCOURGE, n. [skurj; Fr. escourgée; It. scoreggia, a leather thong; from L. corriggia, from corrigo, to straighten.]

  1. A whip; a lash consisting of a strap or cord; an instrument of punishment or discipline. A scourge of small cords. – John ii.
  2. A punishment; vindictive affliction. Famine and plague are sent as scourges for amendment. – Esdras.
  3. He or that which greatly afflicts, harasses or destroys; particularly, any continued evil or calamity. Attila was called the scourge of God, for the miseries he inflicted on his conquests. Slavery is a terrible scourge.
  4. A whip for a top. – Locke.

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