Definition for SCRU'PU-LOUS

SCRU'PU-LOUS, a. [L. scrupulosus; Fr. scrupuleux.]

  1. Nicely doubtful; hesitating to determine or to act; cautious in decision from a fear of offending or doing wrong. Bo careful in moral conduct, not to offend scrupulous brethren.
  2. Given to making objections; captious. Equality of two domestic pow'rs / Breeds scrupulous faction. – Shak.
  3. Nice; doubtful. The justice of that cause ought to be evident; not obscure, not scrupulous. [Not in use.] – Bacon.
  4. Careful; cautious; exact in regarding facts. Woodward.
  5. Nice; exact; as, a scrupulous abstinence from labor. – Paley.

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