Definition for SE-CURE

SE-CURE, a. [L. securus; It. sicuro; Sp. seguro. It coincides in elements with the oriental סגר and סכר, to shut or inclose, to make fast; but it may be from se or sine, and cura, care, free from anxiety.]

  1. Free from danger of being taken by an enemy; that may resist assault or attack. The place is well fortified and very secure. Gibraltar is a secure fortress. In this sense, secure is followed by against or from; as, secure against attack, or from an enemy.
  2. Free from danger; safe; applied to persons; with from.
  3. Free from fear or apprehension of danger; not alarmed; not disturbed by fear; confident of safety; hence, careless of the means of defense. Men are often most in danger when they feel most secure. Confidence then bore thee on, secure / To meet no danger. – Milton
  4. Confident; not distrustful; with of. But thou, secure of soul, unbent with woes. – Dryden. It concerns the most secure of his strength, to pray to God not to expose him to an enemy. – Rogers.
  5. Careless; wanting caution. [See No. 3.]
  6. Certain; very confident. He is secure of a welcome reception.

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