Definition for SEE

SEE, v.i.

  1. To have the power of perceiving by the proper, organs, or the power of sight. Some animals, it is said, are able to see best in the night.
  2. To discern; to have intellectual sight; to penetrate; to understand; with through or into; as, to see through the plans or policy of another; to see into artful schemes and pretensions. – Tillotson.
  3. To examine or inquire. See whether the estimate is correct.
  4. To be attentive. – Shak.
  5. To have full understanding. But now ye say, we see, therefore your sin remaineth. – John xix. See to it, look well to it; attend; consider; take care. Let me see, let us see, are used to express consideration, or to introduce the particular consideration of a subject, or some scheme or calculation. See is used imperatively, to call the attention of others to an object or a subject. See, see, how the balloon ascends. See what it is to have a poet in your house. – Pope.

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