Definition for SEIZ-IN

SEIZ-IN, n. [Fr. saisine.]

  1. In law, possession. Seizin is of two sorts, seizin in deed or fact, and seizin in law. Seizin in fact or deed, is actual corporal possession; seizin in law, is when something is done which the law accounts possession or seizin, as enrollment, or when lands descend to an heir, but he has not yet entered on them. In this case, the law considers the heir as seized of the estate, and the person who wrongfully enters on the land is accounted a disseizor. – Cowel. Encyc.
  2. The act of taking possession. [Not used except in law.]
  3. The thing possessed; possession. – Hale. Livery of seizin. [See Livery.] Primer seizin. [See Primer.]

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