Definition for SENS'U-AL

SENS'U-AL, a. [It. sensuale; Sp. sensual; Fr. sensuel; from L. sensus.]

  1. Pertaining to the senses, as distinct from the mind or soul. Far as creation's ample range extends, / The scale of sensual, mental pow'rs ascends. – Pope.
  2. Consisting in sense, or depending on it; as, sensual appetites, hunger, lust, &c.
  3. Affecting the senses, or derived from them; as, sensual pleasure or gratification. Hence,
  4. In theology, carnal; pertaining to the flesh or body, in opposition to the spirit; not spiritual or holy; evil. – James iii. Jude 19.
  5. Devoted to the gratification of sense; given to the indulgence of the appetites; lewd; luxurious. No small part of virtue consists in abstaining from that in which sensual men place their felicity. – Atterbury.

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