Definition for SERVE

SERVE, v.i. [serv.]

  1. To be a servant or slave. The Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve. – Is. xliii.
  2. To be employed in labor or other business for another. – Gen. xxix.
  3. To be in subjection. – Is. xliii.
  4. To wait; to attend; to perform domestic offices to another. – Luke x.
  5. To perform duties, as in the army, navy, or in any office. An officer serves five years in India, or under a particular commander. The late secretary of the colony, and afterward state, of Connecticut, was annually appointed, and served in the office sixty years.
  6. To answer; to accomplish the end. She feared that all would not serve. – Sidney.
  7. To be sufficient for a purpose. This little brand will serve to light your fire. – Dryden.
  8. To suit; to be convenient. Take this, and use it as occasion serves.
  9. To conduce; to be of use. Our victory only served to lead us on to further visionary prospects. – Swift.
  10. To officiate or minister; to do the honors of; as, to serve at a public dinner.

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