Definition for SHACK'LE

SHACK'LE, v.t. [Sax. sceacul; D. schakel, a link or mesh; Sax. sceac-line, a rope to fasten the foot of a sail. Qu. the root שוך, Class Sg, No. 74. But we find the word perhaps in the Ar. شَكَالٌ from شَكَلَ shakala, to tie the feet of a beast or bird.]

  1. To chain; to fetter; to tie or confine the limbs so as to prevent free motion. So the stretch'd cord the shackled dancer tries, / As prone to fall as impotent to rise. – Smith.
  2. To bind or confine so as to obstruct or embarrass action. You must not shackle him with rules about indifferent matters. – Locke.

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