Definition for SHEET

SHEET, n.1 [Sax. sceat, sceta, scyta; L. scheda; Gr. σχεδη. The Saxon sceat signifies a garment, a cloth, towel, or napkin; sceta is rendered a sheet, and the Greek and Latin words signify a table or plate for writing on; from the root of Sax. sceadian, to separate, L. scindo, Gr. σχιζω.]

  1. A broad piece of cloth used as a part of bed-furniture.
  2. A broad piece of paper as it comes from the manufacturer. Sheets of paper are of different sizes, as royal, demi, foolscap, pot, and post-paper.
  3. A piece of paper printed, folded, and bound, or formed into a book in blank, and making four, eight, sixteen, or twenty-four pages, &c.
  4. Any thing expanded; as, a sheet of water or of fire; a sheet of copper, lead, or iron.
  5. Sheets, plur. a book or pamphlet. The following sheets contain a full answer to my opponent.
  6. A sail.

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