Definition for SHEND

SHEND, v.t. [pret. and pp. shent. Sax. scendan; D. schenden, to violate, spoil, slander, revile; G. schänden, to mar, spoil, disfigure, violate, abuse, debauch. This is from the root of scandal.]

  1. To injure, mar, or spoil. [Obs.] That much fear my body will be shent. – Dryden.
  2. To blame, reproach, revile, degrade, disgrace. The famous name of knighthood foully shend. [Obs.] – Spenser.
  3. To overpower or surpass. [Obs.] She pass'd the rest as Cynthia doth shend / The lesser stars. – Spenser.

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