Definition for SHIP

SHIP, n. [Sax. scip, seyp; D. schip; G. schiff, Sw. skepp; Dan. skib; L. scapha; from the root of shape; Sax. sceapian, scippan, scyppan, to create, form or build.]

In a general sense, a vessel or building of a peculiar structure, adapted to navigation, or floating on water by means of sails. In an appropriate sense, a building of a structure or form fitted for navigation, furnished with a bowsprit and three masts, a main-mast, a fore-mast and a mizzen-mast, each of which is composed of a lower-mast, a top-mast, and top-gallant-mast, and square rigged. Ships are of various sizes and fitted for various uses; most of them however fall under the denomination of ships of war and merchants' ships.

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