Definition for SLACK, or SLACK'EN

SLACK, or SLACK'EN, v.t.

  1. To lessen tension; to make less tense or tight; as, to slacken a rope or a bandage.
  2. To relax; to remit; as, to slacken exertion or labor.
  3. To mitigate; to diminish in severity; as, to slacken pain.
  4. To become more slow; to lessen rapidity; as, to slacken one's pace.
  5. To abate; to lower; as, to slacken the heat of a fire.
  6. To relieve; to unbend; to remit; as, to slacken cares. – Denham.
  7. To withhold; to use less liberally. – Shak.
  8. To deprive of cohesion; as, to slack lime. – Mortimer.
  9. To repress; to check. I should be griev'd, young prince, to think my presence / Unbent your thoughts and slacken'd 'em to arms. – Addison.
  10. To neglect. Slack not the good presage. – Dryden.
  11. To repress, or make less quick or active. – Addison.

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