Definition for SLIGHT

SLIGHT, a. [D. slegt; G. schlecht, plain, simple, mean; D. slegten, to level; G. schlecken, to lick. It seems that slight belongs to the family of sleek, smooth. Qu. Dan. slet, by contraction.]

  1. Weak; inconsiderable; not forcible; as, a slight impulse; a slight effort.
  2. Not deep; as, a slight impression.
  3. Not violent; as, a slight disease, illness or indisposition.
  4. Trifling; of no great importance. Slight is the subject, but not so the praise. – Pope.
  5. Not strong; not cogent. Some firmly embrace doctrines upon slight grounds. – Locke.
  6. Negligent; not vehement; not done with effort. The shaking of the head is a gesture of slight refusal. – Bacon.
  7. Not firm or strong; thin; of loose texture; as, slight silk.
  8. Foolish; silly; weak in intellect. – Hudibras.

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