Definition for SLIP

SLIP, v.t.

  1. To convey secretly. He tried to slip a powder into her drink. – Arbuthnot.
  2. To omit; to lose by negligence. Let us not slip the occasion. And slip no advantage / That may secure you. – B. Jonson.
  3. To part twigs from the branches or stem of a tree. The branches also may be slipped and planted. – Mortimer.
  4. To escape from; to leave slily. Lucentio slipp'd me like his greyhound. – Shak. From is here understood.
  5. To let loose; as, to slip the bounds. – Dryden.
  6. To throw off; to disengage one's self from; as, a horse slips his bridle.
  7. To pass over or omit negligently; as, to slip over the main points of a subject.
  8. To tear off; as, to slip off a twig.
  9. To suffer abortion; to miscarry; as a beast. To slip a cable, to veer out and let go the end. – Mar. Dict. To slip on, to put on in haste or loosely; as, to slip on a gown or coat.

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