Definition for SOFT

SOFT, a. [Sax. softe, softa. The D. has zagt, Sw. sackta, D. sagte, and the G. sanft, in a like sense, but whether allied to soft, may be questioned.]

  1. Easily yielding to pressure; the contrary of hard, as, a soft bed; a soft peach; soft earth.
  2. Not hard; easily separated by an edged instrument; as, soft wood. The chestnut is a soft wood, but more durable than hickory, which is a very hard wood. So we say, a soft stone, when it breaks or is hewed with ease.
  3. Easily worked; malleable; as, soft iron.
  4. Not rough, rugged or harsh; smooth to the touch; delicate; as, soft silk; soft raiment; a soft skin.
  5. Delicate; feminine; as, the softer sex.
  6. Easily yielding to persuasion or motives; flexible; susceptible of influence or passion. In both these senses, soft is applied to females, and sometimes to males; as, a divine of a soft and servile temper. – K. Charles. One king is too soft and easy. – L'Estrange.
  7. Tender; timorous. However soft within themselves they are, / To you they will be valiant by despair. – Dryden.
  8. Mild; gentle; kind; not severe or unfeeling; as, a person of a soft nature.
  9. Civil; complaisant; courteous; as, a person of soft manners. He has a soft way of asking favors.
  10. Placid; still; easy. On her soft axle while she paces even, / She bears thee soft with the smooth air along. – Milton.
  11. Effeminate; viciously nice. An idle soft course of life is the source of criminal pleasures. – Broome.
  12. Delicate; elegantly tender. Her form more soft and feminine. – Milton.
  13. Weak; impressible. The deceiver soon found this soft place of Adam's. [Not elegant.] – Glanville.
  14. Gentle; smooth or melodious to the ear; not loud, rough or harsh; as, a soft voice or note; a soft sound; soft accents; soft whispers. – Dryden. Pope.
  15. Smooth; flowing; not rough or vehement. The solemn nightingale tun'd her soft lays. – Milton. Soft were my numbers, who could take offense? – Pope.
  16. Easy; quiet; undisturbed; as, soft slumbers.
  17. Mild to the eye; not strong or glaring; as, soft colors; the soft coloring of a picture. The sun shining on the upper part of the clouds, made the softest lights imaginable. – Brown.
  18. Mild; warm; pleasant to the feelings; as, soft air.
  19. Not tinged with an acid; not hard; not astringent; as, soft water is the best for washing.
  20. Mild; gentle; not rough, rude or irritating. A soft answer turneth away wrath. – Prov. xv.

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