Definition for SOFT'NESS


  1. The quality of bodies which renders them capable of yielding to pressure, or of easily receiving impressions from other bodies; opposed to hardness.
  2. Susceptibility of feeling or passion; as, the softness of the heart or of our natures.
  3. Mildness; kindness; as, softness of words or expressions. – Watts.
  4. Mildness; civility; gentleness; as, softness of manners. – Dryden.
  5. Effeminacy; vicious delicacy. He was not delighted with the softness of the court. – Clarendon.
  6. Timorousness; pusillanimity; excessive susceptibility of fear or alarm. This virtue could not proceed out of fear or softness. – Bacon.
  7. Smoothness to the ear; as, the softness of sound, which is distinct from exility or fineness. – Bacon.
  8. Facility; gentleness; candor; easiness to be affected; as, softness of spirit. – Hooker.
  9. Gentleness, as contrary to vehemence. With strength and softness, energy and ease. – Harte.
  10. Mildness of temper; meekness. For contemplation he and valor formed. – Milton. For softness she, and sweet attractive grace.
  11. Weakness; simplicity.
  12. Mild temperature; as, the softness of a climate. – Mitford.

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